Statement on the Jimmy Sham Same-sex Marriage Case

“Today, the Court of Final Appeal made a landmark decision regarding the legal status of same-sex partnerships in Hong Kong. It is a significant victory which makes clear that Hong Kong law must afford due respect and protections to same-sex couples. This will help families while hurting no one. Also, it marks another important step towards equal love and a more harmonious society for all.

“While the decision is a major step forward, it falls short of what is really at stake in this case: full inclusion in marriage. Marriage says ‘we are a family’ in a way that no other legal status can, and provides for the legal framework to support couples and their families. As long as the exclusion from marriage remains, same-sex couples and their families are denied the same respect and protections as their neighbours. Such exclusion separates ourselves among one another, falls short of equality and undermines social harmony for all.

“In light of the decision, we urge the government to take note that 60% of Hong Kong’s population now support same-sex marriage and to work proactively with stakeholders to formulate a robust legal framework for the recognition of same-sex relationships as soon as practicable.”

“We celebrate this historic milestone in Hong Kong’s history which reaffirms that love wins as we continue to work towards the day when same-sex couples may marry and all couples are treated equally under the law.”