Hong Kong Marriage Equality was set up in 2019 with the sole purpose of implementing strategies to achieve marriage equality and grow public support for same-sex couples and their families in Hong Kong. As momentum for marriage equality builds across Asia, winning marriage for same-sex couples in Hong Kong is now within reach, and our platform provides the roadmap to achieve it.

The path to achieving marriage for same-sex couples in Hong Kong is three-pronged:

  • Empower the legislature and policy makers to make the change. 
  • Bring and support legal challenges against discriminatory and unjust policies and practices. 
  • Build and strengthen critical mass of public support around the irreplaceable importance of marriage equality

Ultimately, we believe that the freedom to marry will come to Hong Kong through the courts, riding on the favourable decisions of the QT and Angus Leung cases in the Court of Final Appeal and a number of crucial cases that are being handled by the courts.

But no matter the path to victory, winning hearts and minds will be the foundation of the movement – sending a signal to our decision makers that Hongkongers are ready to embrace marriage for our gay and lesbian neighbours. The latest poll by the Chinese University of Hong Kong showed that 49% of the respondents supported marriage equality. Our methodologies for achieving marriage equality aim to strengthen and broaden that support to at least 65% over the next few years.

Our plan to achieve the above goals is as follows:

Changing Hearts and Minds

Elevate the stories of real people - both gay and straight to demonstrate why extending marriage to same-sex couples is consistent with our shared values of Hong Kongers.

Build a Community Base of Support

Mobilise and activate the LGBT+ community and allies across key Hong Kong districts, encourage dialogue on marriage equality and unite these into a force of change. This involves opening up new dialogue with community stakeholders who may previously have found the subject taboo or alien.

Expand Our Coalition

Build a coalition of key constituencies within society to voice out support for marriage equality.

Build the Winning Campaign

Equip HKME with the infrastructure and resources needed to drive forth a winning strategy.